Bust in darts

What Is A Bust In Darts? Some Tips to Avoid a Bust!

A bust is when a player’s remaining points fall below 0 (typically in ‘01 darts games). It will end the player’s turn immediately. Learn more.

Oct 29th, 2022

nine dart finish

What Is A 9 Dart Finish? Tips to Get a 9 Darter!

A nine dart finish, also known as a nine darter, is the minimum number of darts to win a leg or a single game of 501. It’s super rare!

Oct 29th, 2022


What Is An Oche In Darts and How To Set Up?

An oche in darts is the throw line that a player must stand behind before and during their throws. Learn all the rules and how to set it up with us.

Oct 27th, 2022

Hat trick in darts

What Is A Hat Trick In Darts? 

A hat trick in darts is when a player lands all 3 darts in a turn on the bullseye. Learn everything you need to know about it with our blog.

Oct 23rd, 2022


What Is A Robin Hood In Darts? Does It Score Points?

A Robin Hood is when a player hit a second dart and it sticks to another dart that stays on the board. Learn everything about Robin Hoods in darts with us.

Oct 23rd, 2022

How to play golf darts game

How to Play Golf Darts Game: Everything You Should Know

The golf darts game is simple yet very to play, the ones with the lowest score will be declared the winner. Find out more with our blog!

Oct 5th, 2022

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