How To Play Football Darts Game (American Version)

How To Play Football Darts Game (American Version)

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Sep 24th, 2022

Football darts is inspired by American football. The similarities between the two include terminology, scoring, and general structure. For anyone eager to learn the game’s rules, below are precise instructions on how to play football darts game. If you are familiar with American football already, this should be very easy to understand.



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How To Play Football Darts Game

Number Of Players

The football darts game has two teams, each can have 1 to 4 players. Each team can switch players to throw after each “down” (a down equals 3 darts).

The Objective

The goal is to be the first to reach a target score or get higher points after certain rounds (the rounds need to be determined).

How to Play and Score in Football Darts Game

Each side has a player throwing a single dart at the bullseye. The team whose dart lands closest to this bullseye goes first.

The game takes place on horizontal segments, from the double 11 to the double 6 counted for every segment. So, the segments in play are the double 11, large single 11, triple-11, small single 11, outer bull, inner bull, small single 6, triple 6, large single 6, and double-6. The rest are out of play.

Segments in play

Each team will need to choose either double 11 or double 6 as their end-zone (or you can understand it as kind of a goal line).

Whoever goes first will start from their end-zone and have 4 “downs” per turn. A down means 3 darts. This means each team has 12 throws in a row to get as far as possible toward the other team’s end-zone.

The first team starts at their end-zone (double 11 for example). They must first land a dart on their end-zone’s double (double 11 in this case). Then, to move 1 step further, they must hit the segment next to where they’re standing. So, after hitting the double 11, they will stand at the double 11. Then, they need to hit the large-single 11 to move forward, then, the triple 11 to move on, and so on, you get the point.

Moving forward

The segment a team hits last in their turn (where they’re standing after 12 throws) is where the opponent begins to hit (taking possession in football terms) and pushes back to the other team’s end-zone. For example, the first team’s last dart lands on the inner bull. Then the second team has to hit the inner bull to start moving.

Reaching the opponent’s end-zone (landing a dart on it, either double 11 or 6) is considered a “touchdown”. It is worth 6 points and gives the team one throw to score an extra point by hitting the number 20 (any segment counts).

Once a team scores, the opponent team immediately takes possession and starts over from their end-zone.

As mentioned above, the team reaching a target score or having higher points after the determined rounds wins the football darts game.


At this point, you should know how to play football darts. Sounds like a fun game, right? Why not try it out now? Gather your friends and play! You will become a pro in no time.

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