How To Play Gotcha Darts: Fun and Interactive Game

How To Play Gotcha Darts: Fun and Interactive Game

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Sep 9th, 2022

Do you know there’s a game of darts, kind of like the typical 301 or 501 darts, but it’s more fun and interactive? That’s the Gotcha darts! In this blog, we’ll show you how to play Gotcha darts, including the rules, strategy, and tips.



  • Introduction to Gotcha Darts
  • Gotcha Darts Rules
  • Strategies and Tips to Play Gotcha Darts
  • Gotcha Darts Variation
  • In The Nutshell

Introduction to Gotcha Darts

You may need to have at least two players to play Gotcha darts. Unlike the 301 or 501 darts, it is not about subtracting the score until it drops to exactly zero. The Gotcha Darts rules require you to stack your points to hit a pre-defined target score.

The interesting part is you can take away all of your opponent’s points, making the game become more fun and unpredictable. Keep on reading as we’ll explain how to play Gotcha darts in detail in the very next section.

Gotcha Darts Rules

You must have grasped partially how this fun functions by now. Here is an in-depth explanation of what you are about to participate in.

Reaching the Target Score

The first thing to do is determine a target score. The first player who reaches it will win the game. People often chase after 501 or 301 as used in conventional dart playing. This doesn’t mean you should do so, too. Feel free to set any target as long as all players agree.

Next, you will need to decide the playing order. There are many ways but the most common one is having each player throw a dart at the bullseye. The one whose dart is closest to the bull would go first, and whose is furthest would go last.

Pay attention to this part of the game since the playing order can affect your playing strategy. No worries. We’ll explain it later.

Regarding how to score, it’s the same as the popular 301 darts. You hit a double section, you got double the points. Triple sections give triple points. 3 darts per turn!

Killing In Gotcha Darts

The game is not all about scoring and stacking up your points. It’s the killing that is the interesting part.

Killing means you make your opponent lose all of their points and start over from 0. To do so, you must perform a throw that makes your score exactly the same as your opponent’s.

Let’s say, your opponent has a score of 120, and you have a score of 100. Now, you hit a single 20, bringing your score up to 120. Since the two players’ scores would now be the same, the other player’s score would reset to 0.


You never know whenever your points will be at risk! That is where the game starts being interesting and unforeseeable.

Due to this rule, the tip is not to set the target score too high. The higher the target is, the longer it would last, especially when people keep “killing” each other!

Busting in Gotcha Darts

Busting in a Gotcha Dart game occurs when a player scores higher points than the target, just like in 301 or 501 darts. When you “bust”, no points count, your turn ends immediately, and your points will bounce back to the number before the turn. To win the game, you must reach the exact target.

For example, the target is set at 301, and your score is 281. Then, you must hit a single 20 in this turn to win the game. But unfortunately, you hit a double 20 with your first dart, resulting in the total score of 321, higher than the target. The busting rule takes effect, ends your turn, and brings you back to your previous score (271).

Strategies and Tips to Play Gotcha Darts

  • Consider your playing order. If you want to be more of a killer, going last seems more fun.
  • Score as high as possible during the first round to avoid being killed by the followers if your strategy is to be a “front runner.”
  • If you want to score many points, target the doubles and triples.
  • Try to make your total points an odd number so that it’s hard for others to “kill” you.
  • Seek every chance of killing others.
  • If you are on the verge of winning, take your time and go for it by performing multiple low-target shots rather than the big one at once.

Gotcha Darts Variation

There is a good Gotcha Darts variation. The points you busted will be further subtracted from your total points. Let’s say you possess 271 points while the target is set at 301. But you end up with 312.

Your score would first return to 271 and then be further subtracted by 11 points (since you go over the target by 11 points). The score after you bust would be 260.

In The Nutshell

Gotcha Darts is indeed a simple yet cheerful game that can match a wide range of players and their skill levels. Imagine how fun it will be to hit the game with your friends, trying to take down one another’s score! Now that you’ve got thoroughly how to play Gotcha Darts, it must be time to pave your way and practice in the fun. See you then!

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