What Is A Hat Trick In Darts? 

What Is A Hat Trick In Darts? 

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Oct 23rd, 2022

The term “Hat trick” is used across different sports. Let’s find out what is a hat trick in darts and everything else you need to know about it.

Hat trick in darts


  • What Is A Hat Trick In Darts?
  • Does A Hat Trick in Darts Mean 3 In The Red?
  • Why Is A Hat Trick Called An “Alan Evans Shot”?
  • The Bottom Line

What Is A Hat Trick In Darts?

In football or soccer, when a player scores 3 goals in a match, that’s called a hat trick. Same thing in darts. When a player hits the bullseye 3 times with all 3 darts in a turn, they score a hat trick.

A hat trick in darts is very rare since the bullseye on the board is very hard to hit, let alone hitting it 3 times in a row. Even for professional players’ high skills and standards, this is a difficult shot. When you see a Hat Trick is successfully executed, it’s safe to say you’re watching a master at work!

Does A Hat Trick in Darts Mean 3 In The Red?

Most players agree that a hat trick means 3 darts landing on the inner bull. But some others still accept the outer bull. It really depends on the players to consider what a hat trick is.

Why Is A Hat Trick Called An “Alan Evans Shot”?

If you are a fan of darts, you must have heard of the legend Alan Evans. He was the former world number 1 darts player. His unbeatable victories had earned him recognition on a global scale. Although he was not the first player to score a hat trick on television, he was the one who popularized it.

Alan Evans is particularly well-known for scoring hat tricks regularly in many professional tournaments. As a result, in cherishing his legacy and high-level skills, the term “Alan Evans Shot” is used to refer to a hat trick, when a player lands 3 darts on the bull in a turn.

The Bottom Line

What is a hat trick in darts? Now you know the answer. In other games, a hat trick is typically spectacular and magnificent, but it is more significant in darts. As it is a challenging trick, you will need to practice a lot to master it. Learn more about how to improve your throwing skills.

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