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Who doesn’t want to play darts? This simple game helps you connect with others, have fun, and also improve your concentration, precision skills, and confidence level. Here at, we provide you with all the basics, tips, and tricks to help you get better at darts, whether you’re playing for fun or going pro. You can find top-notch quality darts, dartboards, and other equipment to practice with our honest reviews, testing, and buying advice.

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Basics, tip, and tricks

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Product reviews

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Do Soft Tip Darts Damage Walls? What Are Soft Tip Darts Made Of?

Yes, soft-tip darts can damage walls when you throw with great force. Learn more about in detail and how to protect your walls from any potential damage.

Feb 2nd, 2023


Winmau Blade 5 vs Blade 6: Which Model You Should Buy

We suggest buying the Blade 5 standard, Blade 5 Dual Core, or the Blade 6 Triple Core. Learn the differences and which one is better for you.

Jan 4th, 2023


4 Best Dartboards for Your Garage (That Make Sense to Buy)

Our suggestions of dartboards for your garage are Wimau Blade 5, Winmau Professional Set, Arachnid Cricket Pro 800, and Viper Nepture. Read to find out why!

Jan 4th, 2023


Are Darts Players Athletes?

Many people do not think of darts players as athletes because darts are often associated with pubs and beers. Is it true? Find your argument in our article.

Dec 26th, 2022


Darts for Professional Players: Weights and Other Aspects

What weight do pro darts players use? Discover the darts weight pro players prefer. Find the secrets of successful darts pros and get ahead in the game today!

Dec 26th, 2022


Best Darts for Middle Grip (Actually Worth Buying)

Our list includes Red Dragon Pegasus, Winmau Simon Whitlock (WC Edition), Winmau Joe Cullen, Red Dragon Peter Wright Snakebite 3, and Red Dragon Scorpions.

Dec 14th, 2022